2023 Luxury Home Interior Design Trends

2023 Luxury Home Interior Design Trends

  • Mike McCurry
  • 02/16/23

2023 is in full swing, and you may be feeling that itch to change up the interior of your home during these long winter months. Our team has researched and assessed the top luxury home interior design trends for the new year, and we think there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy.


Return of Bold Colors

After the past few years being marked by neutral color palettes in the gray and tan families, 2023 is seeing the resurgence of bold colors. We anticipate seeing this return across many areas of homes, including home décor, paint colors, and bedding. With a luxurious palette of rich jewel tones, we’ll likely see colors in the greens, blues, and warm earth tones dominating 2023.

Another option to consider with bold colors is wallpaper. That’s right, wallpaper is back and very trendy. Consider wallpaper for a bold accent wall in a powder bath, home office, laundry room, or living room. Marrying colorful accent walls with bold paint colors is an excellent way to make a room inviting and visually appealing.


Use of Statement Lighting

Designers have become comfortable using traditional pendant lights in homes, but that trend is changing in 2023. We now anticipate that more homes will be decorated with oversized light fixtures and lighting in interesting, geometric shapes. Working as both artistic, decorative pieces and functional sources of light, these light fixtures add a unique pop to living spaces, and serve as a focal point to draw the eye into the room.

Interestingly too, we may also see light fixtures begin to be made with unique materials. These could include rattan, clay, ceramic, and earthenware. Statement lighting can truly define a room in a home, so consider the tone and ambiance you would like to achieve in a particular room, and then source a compelling fixture to achieve that.


Relaunch of 60s & 70s Furniture

While research indicates that this trend may be short-lived, there are some elements of 60s and 70s style furniture that could be more evergreen. Pieces from this time are often marked by timeless beauty and functionality, unique textures, welcoming shapes, and natural materials.

The style of wood and finishes on these types of furniture will also likely be popular this year. Many pieces showcase a warm wood tone, such as medium to darker finishes like a walnut. We will likely see this type of finish on coffee tables, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, media cabinets, and flooring.


We’d love to hear your thoughts when it comes to design trends, and anything else you believe will be trendy this year. Join the conversation over on our social media to share!

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