3 Things to Do Before Listing Your Home

3 Things to Do Before Listing Your Home

  • Mike McCurry
  • 06/27/23


Before you embark on a journey of epic proportions, there’s a few things I’d love every home seller to know…


#1 Get a thorough competitive market analysis and initiate a partnership with a trusted, local expert.

Request interviews with prospective real estate agents you would consider hiring to help sell your home. (I have another blog post here on what to look for when hiring an agent.)

Every agent you speak to should be more than happy to provide you with a complimentary market assessment of your home. Some may be more thorough than others – this is important to take note of. An agent who completes a thorough investigation of your home and the comps nearby will be able to provide more educated guidance to you in your home selling journey.

A thorough competitive market analysis will include your estimate home value (you can request your home value from my group at this link), but also details on comp properties, including details like price, taxes, home and lot size, days on market, and more.


#2 With the guidance of your agent, set a reasonable goal for the sale of your home.

Just like buying a home, selling your home is an incredibly custom, personalized experience. What’s most important to you? Profit? Privacy? Speed? There’s a lot of variables that can impact the sale of a home…so select a realtor with experience if you’re expecting a successful sale that meets your goals.

Mike McCurry has more than three decades of local experience. He’s adept at gaining a unique understanding of the sellers’ goals. Then, he finds the best way to reach your goals by pulling from past experience and leveraging his local relationships and a carefully curated selection of local vendor partners. He also has direct access to proprietary products and services through Compass to help sellers meet their goal. And, while Mike has direct access to connect you with some of the best real estate products and services available, not every transaction needs them.


#3 Prepare your home to show prospective buyers

Declutter as much as possible. We often have sellers obtain a storage unit where items they don’t plan to use in the next few months can be transferred. Keeping the clutter down shows potential buyers the amount of space that’s truly available for their own living and storage needs.

We also recommend following the age-old rule of creating an emotionally neutral space. Take down the family pictures and tuck away the kids’ artwork. This allows buyers to more easily imagine themselves and their belongings in the home.

Don’t underestimate the power of pre-listing updates and staging. Even in a market that leans in sellers’ favor, beautifully updated and on-trend homes sell faster and for more. Your agent should have plenty of DIY ideas, but also a roster of vetted and talented vendors who can support this part of your pre-listing preparations.



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Mike believes that people are at the heart of every real estate transaction. That’s why his approach to buying and selling always starts with developing a real relationship with his clients.

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