Clarendon Hills Village Snow Update and the Snow Hills!

  • Mike McCurry
  • 02/3/11
The streets are clear but some snow remains on the sidewalks. Most shops are open in Clarendon Hills today. I see people coming and going to the Do it Best Hardware mostly carting out shovels, salt and snow blowers! Earlier, I saw the guys hauling in salt from deliveries. The last time I talked with them, they had to fight to get more of it from their wholesaler. They said it was like being on the trading floor!
Across from my office is The English Garden Flower Shop Owned by Sadie Belman, is all lit up with bright lights and red hearts adorn the front windows. I’m sure they are working to get those Valentine’s Day gifts ready for the sweethearts.
All Winded Up!, owned by Terrie Krokos, is opened tonight and featuring their Famous Free Wine Tasting Thursdays! Here is what Terri send out in her newsletter today:
“. . . just ride them puppies down to All Wined Up to thaw out! This is the Midwest, not the Antarctic. But, what do you do when you’re given lemons? Make wine!! After a Wednesday snow day, it’s time to get back into the swing of things
with our famous Free Wine Tasting Thursday! Then it’s a new musician to our humble shop on Saturday night – John Boda and his Acoustic Boomerang. Just the name makes you want to come and see him, doesn’t it?!”
District 181 is closed today!
We took our kids to Park Ave. Park snow hill yesterday. It looked like some young adults had gotten there early because there were some moguls! Imagine, moguls on a sled hill! There was actually a line to go down the hill. I guess many homeowners and families from Clarendon Hills and the surrounding communities like: Westmont and Hinsdale had the same idea. The other snow hill located in Clarendon Hills is at Prospect Park. So, the next time you want to enjoy a day off with the kids, come see what others do when it snows! See you around the neighborhoods. 
It’s kind of fun, isn’t it!?

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