Designing the Perfect Study Space for Your Kids

Designing the Perfect Study Space for Your Kids

  • Mike McCurry
  • 08/20/21
It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down – and school is beginning! – but here we are again. It’s been a great summer filled with wonderful community events, but now it’s time to shift the focus back to learning. With many students returning to school in-person full time, it’s important to remember that dedicated study spaces at home are still critical. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help optimize your family’s study space for comfort and success.

Dedicate a Space

Where do your children like to learn? Do they prefer a quiet room away from activity? Or is the hustle and bustle of the kitchen table better for them? Regardless of their space of choice, it’s important to have one! Carving out this special area – whether it’s in a spare bedroom, home office, at the kitchen table, or the coffee table in the family room – shows your children that taking the time to focus on learning in a dedicated space is important.

Make It Comfy…and Personal!

Once you and your children have picked a spot, encourage them to make it their own. This could include personal desks, beanbag chairs, or a colorful rug where they can spread out. While you don’t want to make it too comfortable (they still need to focus!), making the space fun and unique will only make learning more enjoyable. Too, this is a great opportunity to personalize the space! Encourage your children to put up pictures or quotes that inspire them, meaningful artwork, or goals that they hope to attain throughout the school year. As much as your children can make the space their own, they will be that much more motivated and excited when it comes time to study.

Keep It Organized

As the school year progresses, there seems to be more and more paperwork that accumulates. From the beginning, use boxes, drawers, and organizers in the space to keep everything tidy. Having separate spaces for papers, school supplies and textbooks will help keep your children on track. It’s important to have the necessary supplies available and organized at the beginning of the year too, so your family isn’t scrambling to find the glue sticks the night before a project is due. You may also consider adding a bulletin board or white board to the room as a place for your children to keep track of their assignments and goals throughout the year.
We’re excited for another school year to begin and hope you and your family feel set up for success. From selecting a dedicated space to organizing it and making it fun, we wish you and your children a great school year!

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