Guest Columnist: Noah McCurry "Talk of the Town"

Guest Columnist: Noah McCurry "Talk of the Town"

  • Mike McCurry
  • 03/6/15

A Day in the Life of Noah McCurry

Getting out of bed on your own is not easy. Well … not until mom comes in the room (and yells) because you have no choice but to skedaddle and get to the breakfast table to start the day. From there, getting ready for school and taking showers is not easy with three other siblings.
Oh, by the way: I’m Noah McCurry, and this is my day.
I usually like to walk to school in the morning so I can be on time. But it has just been too cold! If my hair was wet, it would freeze! So lately, my dad has been driving us to school. Before we leave the house, though, we usually read a page from a book called “Jesus Calling.” It’s a devotional book that has messages for each day of the year. It’s always a rush to get out the door in the morning, so we are not usually on time.
One of the first people that I see when going into school is Mrs. Martin, the school’s secretary. You see, she is the person who hands out the late passes! If you are lucky (because it’s really cold outside), the late bell really doesn’t mean that you are late.
On a great day (and if I’m on time) I see my friend Pietro, who is usually at the front of the line outside. He lets me jump in line with him. No one seems to mind because they know that we are friends. My teacher, Mrs. Perkowski, is awesome! My older brother and sister have already had her as their teacher and I hope my younger sister gets to have her too!
At lunchtime I sit with my friends, Jackson, Alex and another Alex. We like to talk about sports. Mondays are a little different, though, because I go to Spanish class and eat there. There are some adults who are in the lunchroom with us: Mrs. Zickert and Miss Johnson. They are always nice to us, even when we are acting crazy! Before I could read really well in school, they would help me read the notes my mom puts in my lunch. Now that I can read, they sometimes still want to read my notes. I think they like to see what she’s telling me.
On Fridays, we get to hear about the life of one of my classmates. It’s an interesting morning each week when one lucky student shares about his or her life. They bring lots of pictures, their trophies and even their parents. Afterwards, we slip out our laptops and type encouraging letters to the person who did the sharing. I got to share my life a little while ago and it was really fun.
One of my favorite activities is practicing soccer. I get to see my friend, Sachin. He plays on my AYSO soccer team, which is called the Green Ninjas. At practice, we do scrimmages and drills so that I can get to be a better player. I love to play soccer!
My Papa and Nonnie (Grandma and Grandpa) brought home a mask from Mexico for me. I sometimes like to wear it at home to pretend that I’m an animal running through the house on hands and feet, like a cat chasing string. The real reason I like to wear it is because I can scare people or make them laugh.
One of my favorite things to do is to go on vacation with my family. We usually go to Florida for winter break. When we drive down, it is our tradition to stop at a Waffle House to celebrate my birthday. The people there are very nice and one year we all got hats signed by the people that work there. The drive is long but getting there makes up for it. My mom gets all stressed out because my dad does not find a house until we pull into town. He likes to do that because that’s kind of his job. The best part of being on vacation is the McCurry’s don’t ever worry about being on time.
Noah is a second grade student and one of four children in the McCurry family. Noah loves playing soccer, football, basketball, paddle and climbing on just about any fixed structure. Recently he has been writing fiction. Most of all, Noah loves to encourage people and make them laugh.
Noah McCurry plucking away his column with his dad two Saturday’s ago..
Noah, the Climber


Noah and his siblings: Elizabeth, Abigail and Micah

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