Hinsdale – 2020 Market Update & Predictions

Hinsdale – 2020 Market Update & Predictions

  • Mike McCurry
  • 01/23/20
As a real estate broker, a huge part of my job is to be in tune with what’s happening in the market. I make it a priority to know the state of the market, track trends over time, and evaluate the environmental and economic impact on the communities we serve. Ultimately, my vault of professional knowledge paired with my personal experience as a property owner in the area allows me to guide and advocate for my clients in a unique way.

At the beginning of each year, as we quickly approach the “busy season” again, I like to evaluate key statistics and research in order to build the foundation for the advice and direction I give to my clients – because, no, it’s not always the same old, “Sell now! Buy now!”

The market is complex. And, it’s complicated more by outside factors impacting property values. Case in point: the controversial 5G transmitter cell towers proposed for Hinsdale.

The Stop 5G activists are a group of Hinsdale moms who are concerned about the health risks that may be associated with the 5G technology. While we all would (probably) love faster internet and connectivity, Hinsdale and surrounding communities are rejecting it.

According to the Stop 5G group: “Verizon has selected Hinsdale, Western Springs, Schaumburg, and Naperville as pilot towns for their 5G roll out…These 5G cell towers are planned in front of residential homes, parks, and every school in our towns exposing our community to never before seen levels of the constant radiation. 5G has not been proven safe for humans and the rollout needs to be stopped till proven safe.”

The impact of these cell towers goes beyond the potential health risks – it’s arguable that the technology could negatively impact property values. And that is something we will be watching very closely…

My Advice for Hinsdale & Neighboring Community Buyers & Sellers

Hinsdale has the highest value homes in the area. This is affected by various things, especially in 2019 with lots of unknowns in the Illinois economy, the Sterigenics controversy, and the passing of the referendum. And now, in 2020, the village is faced with the potential impact of 5G cell technology towers.

Keep in mind, because Hinsdale is at the peak of the “Value Mountain”, so to speak, there is a downhill trickle effect felt in neighboring areas, too – their property values will also adjust accordingly.

Hinsdale is a wonderful community, which is why it’s rated as one of the best places to raise a family in DuPage County (ranking in 3rd place, only behind Naperville as 2nd place and neighboring Clarendon Hills in 1st place).

My advice: Don’t let the threat of 5G cell towers prevent you from owning property in Hinsdale. I do not believe the towers alone will have an enormous impact on property values.

I’m very optimistic about the market in Hinsdale. There is a healthy inventory which makes for great values to be had by buyers.

Go forth and Make Meaningful Moves!

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