How to Best Prepare Your Home for the Current Local Market

How to Best Prepare Your Home for the Current Local Market

  • Mike McCurry
  • 03/19/20
Spring is officially here and that means the housing market is heating up.

For sellers, getting a fair price for a home that you’ve spent years caring for is of the utmost importance. Countless hours and dollars have gone into your home. And for some, this may give the (sometimes false) sense that the home is worth more than it truly is. However, the current market and buyer perception have an enormous impact on home values. That being said, there are some things you can do now to maximize the value and sell faster.

Make It Shine

Doing a deep clean of your home is another way to keep things looking desirable. No one wants to see the soap residue on your shower tiles, dirty grout lines on the laundry room floor, or dingy carpets in the high-traffic areas of your family room. Give the impression of a new build, even if your home is far from new.

Make It Work

In today’s market, the less work a buyer has to do after closing, the better. Handling minor repairs, like fixing that leaky faucet or securing loose hardware, helps you as a seller take control by removing that as a negotiation factor for potential buyers.

Make It Current

Often sellers tell me that they don’t want to spend another dime on the home. They don’t want to invest in replacing flooring or fixtures because they don’t see the value in putting any more time or money into a home they’re going to sell. And, I kindly tell them they’re wrong.

Investing in small renovations like new flooring and light fixtures to bring the space up to current styles is worthwhile. A home that has modern updates will attract buyers on both ends of the spectrum: those who want a turnkey home and those who are open to fixers.
This may seem like a lot – but the return on the investment is favorable…and you don’t have to do it alone.

Compass has done a wonderful job creating the opportunity for sellers to make meaningful changes to their homes prior to sale to maximize the value. It’s called Compass Concierge. It’s as simple as this: sellers who are listing with a Compass agent are fronted the cost of home improvement services… interest-free. You’ll pay for the services when one of the following happens: your home sells, you terminate your listing with Compass, or after 12 months have passed from your Concierge start date.

Concierge funds can be used for services like painting, landscaping, flooring, staging, deep-cleaning, electrical work, kitchen and bathroom improvements, and more.

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How to Best Prepare Your Home for the Current Local Market
How to Best Prepare Your Home for the Current Local Market

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