How to Turn Your House Into a Home

  • Mike McCurry
  • 01/12/21
I always tell my clients: Make sure you are where you want to be because you can’t change your location…but everything else about your home is customizable.
We’ve worked with incredibly talented interior designers, home stagers, and passionate contractors and craftsmen to help people sell and/or settle into the home of their dreams. Everyone’s wants and needs are slightly different – and may even vary significantly throughout life. Luckily, our houses are often perfect blank canvases.
Whether you’re trying to stay or trying to sell – here are our “New Year, New Space” tips to increase the functionality (and value) of your home:
  • Keep your home safe and sound with strategic security. There are several low-cost, high-value home security systems on the market that don’t require costly or invasive professional installation or large monthly/annual service and equipment fees. Consider VivintSimpliSafe, or even Ring technology when researching what might be best for your home and family.
  • Don’t neglect curb appeal – when we arrive home, the first thing we see as we approach the property sets the tone before we even walk inside. Welcome yourself home with a beautiful and friendly yard. As the spring planting season quickly approaches, consider drought-tolerant landscaping choices. This approach to curbing appeal has the dual benefit of being low-maintenance and having a smaller carbon footprint since it requires less watering.
  • Design your space to influence your mood. With the amount of time we spend at home, we really need it to do more than protect us from the elements. We work at home, we exercise at home, we eat, sleep, think, talk, laugh…we do it all at home. Research shows that our surroundings act as an environmental cue for our behavior. Maybe there’s a specific space in your home that needs to serve a new purpose or function. You may not need to enlist the help of professionals to tear down or build up walls! Don’t underestimate the profound impact of a cosmetic refresh. A new paint color and light fixture can completely transform a space – and that may be just the boost you need.
  • Trending: Package Rooms. It’s safe to say we get a lot of deliveries to our homes. A lot. The new hot trend is to create a secure area, inside or outside your home out of view from the street, to receive all those packages. Some people design an outdoor holding area or mailbox of sorts to secure their shipments, out of street view. We’re now even seeing some people take the security of their packages a step further by adding secure areas inside the home, though closed off from your living space. Our prediction is that the “package room” trend will get big traction in 2021!
Considering making home updates in order to increase the value of your home prior to sale? Learn about our innovative solution: Compass Concierge. It’s something Compass has created that fronts you the cost of home improvement services, with no interest (ever). Questions? Let’s talk!

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