Interior Design Trends in 2024

Interior Design Trends in 2024

  • Mike McCurry
  • 01/31/24

Every house becomes a home when its owner (or a professional!) creates a design that matches their personality and lifestyle.

We asked local design expert Shannon Antipov about the importance of living in a beautifully functional home. Here’s what she had to say:

Living in a home that reflects your personality and meets your lifestyle needs has so many benefits! It creates a space that truly feels like yours, where you can express yourself and feel comfortable. Plus, it helps optimize the functionality of your home, making it easier to navigate and enjoy. It's like having a personalized sanctuary that perfectly suits you!

The home is no longer a resting stop, it’s now a multifunctional sanctuary with 24/7 livability requirements. For many, the house is now life itself, and this transition has led to one of the most defining moments in the history of modern home decor. On every level, people are reconnecting with their dwellings in new and exciting ways. We’re paying attention to even the smallest details that were once left unnoticed amongst the hustle of life.” – Shannon Antipov

We’re taking a look at three (of many) interior design trends that we expect to see a lot more of in 2024…



Metal: A sliver of silver

Gold and matte black metals have been the on-trend, go-to’s for hardware and accessories for several years. Many interior designers foresee silver-hued metals taking the mainstage in 2024. The sleek and reflective nature of chrome, steel, and aluminum offer a reprieve from the domination of gold and black. Even for those who prefer less shine, brushed chrome or nickel offer an on-trend silver option.


 Colors of Nature

Earthy colors, blues, and greys is the trend on the color palette this year, according to Antipov:

“Earthy colors such as light and natural-colored woods…from dining tables and chairs to floating shelves and benches, light-colored wood combines natural elements with everyday living. We are seeing a showcase of light woods as the central elements of the design. Light-colored wood also makes a huge statement; the understated appeal makes room for plenty of cozy layers and textures.

 Blue is timeless and never really goes out of style.  I love how the color blue in a room are both serene and energized, which is why homeowners are adding this soothing color into the nature-inspired theme. Grey continues to offer incredible versatility. The best thing about grey color palettes is that they are composed of many different shades. From light and airy greys that remind you of an autumn afternoon to mid-tone grey that oozes class and sophistication. If homeowners are deciding to go with grey as their preferred color scheme, they are also adding a huge pop of color into their art pieces or incorporating into their furniture design.” – Shannon Antipov


Functional Furniture

“The most significant home decor trend will be smart furniture,” says Antipov. “Some of the trendiest smart furniture examples would be the Frame TV, or the smart couches with the built-in speakers, charging ports and massaging devices built into the couch. Smart furniture adds impressive functionality to the home and elevates livability.”


Mix and Match

We saw a bit of this in 2023, and will continue to see the evolution of mix-and-match, now-and-then design. This includes clever combinations of patterns, colors, materials, and even design aesthetics. Particularly for the millennial generation of homeowners, we’re seeing a shift from minimalism to “grandmillennial style”. This evolving style is emerging in popularity and features notably traditional décor within modern spaces. Flourishes of romanticism and nostalgia are often a driving factor behind the traditional components of this style of “mix-and-match” interior design. Paired with the sleek, clean neutrals that are most often seen in today’s homes.




When it comes to chasing trends, Shannon Antipov has some very personal advice:

No matter what color creates that serenity for you or what smart furniture piece makes it into your home, in my opinion, modern luxury is a reflection of you. It’s your home, so you deserve to make it a reflection of everything that makes you smile.” – Shannon Antipov

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