Love Where You Live: Just Sports

Love Where You Live: Just Sports

  • Mike McCurry
  • 10/23/23

Clarendon Hills’ business district is pulsing with good vibes and thriving businesses right now.

Perhaps like many others who live and work in Clarendon Hills, I enjoy taking every chance I can get to show support and become even closer to the roots of our community.

I caught up with Jackie Errico and Linnea Lones, owners of JL Fitness, recently at the location of their newest venture: Just Sports. I wanted to hear their story and about the building they are rehabbing at 200 E Park Avenue in Clarendon Hills.

Jackie and Linnea already have a vibrant business operating on the north side of Clarendon Hills at 154 Burlington Avenue called Just Lift. The luxury personal training studio on Burlington Avenue offers personal training, small group private training, and nutrition coaching. They also have online services through their mobile fitness app that exponentially expands their clientele. Just Lift is dedicated to helping individuals obtain their fitness goals.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear Jackie and Linnea explain that their new location at 200 E. Park Avenue will focus on helping athletes—young and not-so-young—reach their ultimate potential. 

For me, seeing Just Sports’ new space in demolition condition was exciting because I have toured that space countless times in the past. It had been vacant for a long time and it looks like a bank building… because it was a bank! Even the original safe is still intact! It’s now is undergoing the ultimate transformation to become a state-of-the-art athletic training facility.

My prediction is that it will be very successful, especially because there are so many local families with children who are seeking to reach their full athletic potential. 

For the people in Clarendon Hills, and for the local businesses, this is a welcome addition to the downtown area. Getting a building filled up and brought back to life, and adding more foot traffic to the business district, is always welcome!

Check out the behind the scenes tour I was fortunate enough to get from Jackie and Linnea:

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