Merry Christmas, Friends & Family!

Merry Christmas, Friends & Family!

  • Mike McCurry
  • 12/23/18

Amy McCurry shares from her heart what’s been going on with our family.

With love and genuine joy, we wish you all the Merriest of Christmases and pray that as 2018 comes to a close, you find the time to reflect upon your blessings. May your hearts be filled with the Hope and Peace of Christ Jesus as you anticipate and welcome 2019.

This past year has been overflowing with life-changing experiences. Unlike any other, God gifted us with a deeper awareness of truly slowing down, being present, and entering into authentic relationships; Strengthening those already existing as well as connecting with complete strangers who we now regard as eternal friends.

After having had the trip of her dreams, my mom traveled to Kenya in October of 2017. When our church planned to send another team, my son, Micah and I joined her on her return trip this past July with 9 others from Christ Church of Oak Brook. Although no words can really describe the experience, we now view and try to live life from a new perspective. Time and people should be valued and cherished above all else.

Prior to our trip, we had the honor of hosting our mission partner from Nairobi during our Mission Festival. We were able to forge a friendship with the very person who would actually be our host in Africa. Although only Micah and I were traveling, our entire family had the privilege of fostering this relationship in our home. Our hope is to travel as a family at some point in the future and experience further transformation and participate in God’s work together.

While we were away, Mike and our other children had the joy of adopting a puppy. We named her “Kenya”. She has brought such happiness to our home and is a true companion for us all. I think it is safe to say none of us could now imagine our home without her.

Mike also had the unique opportunity to travel abroad with his mother. He only recently returned from a trip to Dubai. His mom, a world traveler, asked him to accompany her for a portion of her trip. He too, strengthened his appreciation of quality time, culture, and adventure.

Our children are growing fast and as tumultuous a ride it can be we’d love to bottle time and keep them right where they are…under our roof, influence, and still valuing simply being together. Whether it’s driving to Florida, watching a (football) game, sharing a meal, playing in the pool, or talking before bedtime; we genuinely enjoy each other’s company (most of the time).

Elizabeth, not quite 10 & in 4th grade, is our last grade school kiddo that can benefit from skipping across the street to Walker Elementary. In addition to her absolute passion for anything crafty or stylish, she enjoys a lot of recreational time on various fields, dance floors, and stages. Elizabeth and Abbey have spent priceless moments acting & dancing together. They are on a Special Olympics Unified team at Expression Dance Studio. In fact, they had the privilege of participating in the 50th anniversary of “So” this past summer here in Chicago.

Abigail, 14 on 12/26, is always working hard and enjoys the 8th grade. She absolutely loves to dance, sing and listen to music. Sneaking away with “Alexa” to the workout room is a favorite pastime. Friday nights continue to be reserved for movies where she most likely developed her interest in theater and drama. This past fall she and Noah both took part in the Clarendon Hills Middle School musical. It sure is hard to believe we just completed her IEP & transition meeting for High School where she hopes to explore her fascination with photography & videography.

Noah now in 6th will be 12 this Jan. He was thrilled to reunite with Abbey at CHMS. The transition started off with acquiring a fun role as the character “Ziggy” in the school musical. He loves playing his piano and tenor sax and hopes to join the jazz band. Noah’s expanding friendships and studies expose him to wonderful experiences. He enjoys our church’s youth group, “COW”…Cloud of Witnesses. When not on the football field (which remains his most happy place) he can be found with a great group of buddies at school, church, or running the streets of town…literally.

Micah, 15, started his Freshman year at Hinsdale Central. He completed a fantastic football season in November with countless tackles, sacks, and a scoop-six (says Mike), and is currently wrestling for HCHS. His trip to Africa helped shape his worldview and a strong appreciation for kids his age in a completely different culture. It actually aided in realizing they have much in common and all that we “have” makes little difference when compared to who we are. This allowed for a unique perspective while developing new friendships, studies in school & furthering his relationships/involvement at church.

Mike and I celebrated our 19th year of marriage a month ago. We are both extremely thankful for our health and the ability to balance responsibilities, passions, and our relationship. Mike and I both continue to enjoy serving our community in a variety of ways and I admire his genuine passion for guiding families in the ever-important milestone of “Making Meaningful Moves” while transitioning out, and into a new home. In fact, his team has helped move more than 70 families so far this year. He also celebrated and recently retired from his five-year stint as a columnist for our local paper.

We continue to rely on God’s provision and work daily at gratitude and surrendering control. With so many unknowns and very little ability to see the future, we rely on His faithfulness and our Hope. While raising these children with whom he entrusted us, honoring one another and those all around us, we seek to utilize our talents and treasures to make a difference in this gift of life and in life eternal.

May you, the ones you love, and your treasures bring much joy in the New Year!

Amy & Mike
Micah, Abigail, Noah, and Elizabeth
& Kenya


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