Merry Christmas from the McCurry's

Merry Christmas from the McCurry's

  • Mike McCurry
  • 12/12/19

Amy McCurry shares from her heart what’s been going on with our family in 2019.

Dear Friends and Family,

As most years do, 2019 brought enthusiasm, disappointment, triumph, challenge, pain, and hope. McCurry's have experienced the highs of several exciting milestones as well as the sobering realities of this life. May God’s peace, presence, joy, and love fill your lives no matter your current circumstance.

This “roller-coaster” year specifically led Mike journeying to be more purposeful. A medical scare around Easter, his dad passing in August, and the unexpected death of a fellow football coach could not help but put living in perspective. Mike coached Noah’s 7/8th grade Falcon Football team and amidst the most emotionally difficult time, his team climbed to the top of the ride and won the Super Bowl. It certainly was a season of adversity, challenge, and lessons that will have a lasting imprint on everyone. A considerable change also occurred when Mike moved his real estate practice to an exciting, fresh, and innovative company called Compass. What a perfect way to ring in the new year; for in February he will be celebrating his 30th year in the industry!

I am diving deeper into a variety of women’s groups and other meaningful communities that provide rich relationships, personal growth, and reflection. In addition to the hundreds of audible books I have listened to, one of the most practical has been “The More of Less”. Therefore, intentionally backing off the kids’ recreational and school activities has become liberating! Any Enneagram junkies? I am apparently a #2 married to an 8. So, I smuggled a good read for the two of us about our compatibility on our recent vacation to AZ. Logged as another triumph, Mike and I celebrated 20 years of marriage on 11/27. Hard to believe that we had not vacationed alone since 2001. We golfed, hiked, enjoyed fabulous meals & reflected on the many ways life has changed us and most importantly how we have grown together in friendship and love.

And the kids! Oh, to freeze time! I will forever and always cherish those infant and toddler years, but in this present moment of adolescence, they bring unexpected humor, laughter and personality to our days!

Micah, a sophomore & 16, began driving the “truck” this past fall, and continues to grow in both size and more importantly character. Hinsdale Central’s football, wrestling and volleyball programs have provided a great deal of fun, discipline, and camaraderie. While a leader on the field, we were pleased to hear that same strength has been growing within his classroom interactions. Koinonia (high school student ministry) remains an enriching experience with friends from a wide span of schools. This has certainly been fostered with a license!

Abbey, now a thriving freshman at Hinsdale Central transitioned beautifully. Starting way back when she attended Oak School’s pre-school, I would drive by Central trying to imagine her as a high school student. Well, she’s there NOW and we are all amazed at how natural she is walking the halls of my alma mater! She and Micah (always having mutual adoration) have reunited; riding the bus, navigating the lunchroom, and palling around together at school and church. While continuing to dance, Abbey is on both the girl’s gymnastics team and plays Special Olympics basketball for the Red Devils.

Noah, always intensely on the go, has an exceptional group of 7th-grade friends who hang out together both at school and church … he would choose to be with them 24/7 if possible. And if that time is spent on a trampoline, flipping into a pool, or a day spent at Sky Zone, life is pretty perfect. Of course, playing and watching football are his favorite pastimes. Noah makes strides in maturity and character while reflecting upon and learning from the recent past….as his momentum forward is his driving force. Mike and I thank God for opportunities to pause!

Elizabeth is in 5th grade…her final year as a Walker Wildcat! Interested in a lot, she still participates in all kinds of activities! I think she is our most versatile and naturally creative McCurry. This past year, she enjoyed soccer, singing, dancing, lacrosse, basketball, tennis, golf, swimming, ming, and most recently cooking. She has become an excellent little chef thanks to the bi-weekly delivery of pre-picked and prepared (ingredients only) meals. Crafts and any handiwork also keep her busy. We only wish she would apply that passion to laundry and cleaning her room!

Kenya is getting better at greeting all the exciting guests at our front door. She loves to go for a walk, eat her four meals a day (just doesn’t seem fair to only feed her twice) play ball, rotate beds nightly, and keep watch up and down Walker from a chosen window seat. What a wonderful addition to our family she has been. I now truly understand why dogs are (wo)man’s best friend!

As we approach the end of Advent & anticipate 2020, may then wait not to contain worry but bring joy-filled wonders to experience and explore!


The McCurry Family

Merry Christmas from the McCurry's

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