Preparing Your Garden for Winter

Preparing Your Garden for Winter

  • Mike McCurry
  • 10/22/21
It’s hard to believe that Fall is already upon us, but we know that means Winter is right around the corner. As the leaves continue to fall from the trees and we pull out our cold weather apparel, it’s also time to consider your garden and its preservation. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to prepare your garden for the winter season and set yourself up for a beautiful, healthy garden in the Spring – which is especially important if you’re considering listing your home early in the Spring!

Remove Diseased Plants…and Leave the Rest

If you’ve noticed any signs of disease over the course of the season – including pests, funguses, etc. – now is the time to remove these plants from your garden. Leaving these diseased plants can create additional harm to those in the surrounding areas, so removing them helps to ensure the remainder of your garden is as healthy as possible. Make sure the diseased plants are removed in their entirety, and rest assured that the remaining plants will provide protection for the soil over the course of the winter.

Attack the Weeds

We know they are pesky and persistent, but removing weeds before the winter season arrives is critical to preserving your garden. By removing weeds that have attempted to take over your garden – whether that be your cherry tomatoes or your hostas – you are preventing them from sprouting again in the Spring and continuing to wreak havoc on your crop. You can find many efficient weed puller tools at your local home improvement store, as these tools will expedite the process and save you from pulling weeds by hand.

Replenish Mulch

Did you know that mulching in the cold weather has many of the same benefits as mulching in the summer? These benefits include reducing water loss, protecting the soil from erosion, and preventing weeds. Additionally, winter mulching offers exclusive benefits catered to the season. These include:
  • Regulating soil temperature and moisture as the season changes into winter
  • Buffering against harsh climatic elements such as frost and snow
  • Incorporating fresh organic material into the soil as the mulch breaks down throughout the year
Mulching also offers additional curb appeal for your home, which is always recommended. Regardless of your intentions to move or stay put in your home, having clean landscaping in the winter maintains your home’s attractive and inviting features.
After taking these preservation steps, you can begin to daydream about the new plants to incorporate into your garden for the Spring. Next year may be just the right time to plant a new perennial or try a new fruit or vegetable in your crop rotation. Whatever you choose, we hope your garden is winterized and set up for success in the next season. Happy gardening!

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