Should You Buy or Build?

Should You Buy or Build?

  • Mike McCurry
  • 04/8/20
It’s a classic conundrum that many homebuyers face. Each, of course, has its pros and its cons. I always urge potential buyers who are looking for a very specific wishlist to at the very least consider building. When you choose custom, the options are endless…which is perfect for the homebuyer who knows exactly what they want.
Why you should consider building over buying…

You Can Purchase a Lot Exclusively Based on Location

There’s no need to worry about the size or condition of a pre-existing home or shy away from an empty lot. When you’re purchasing land for a custom build, the only thing that truly matters is location. If you’re happy with the location, the rest will fall into place under your control.

You Have Control Over Every Detail of Your Home’s Form and Function

Sure, renovating a pre-existing home is an option (and a popular one for many, thanks to HGTV’s wildly successful line-up of programming). But even renovations bring compromise. Older homes aren’t built to meet current codes or expected efficiencies and can eat up a renovation budget quickly…before you even get to the fun stuff like those marble-clad soaker tubs. When you start from scratch with a custom build, you can design your home down to the smallest detail to meet your lifestyle.

You Are Closer to Living in Your Dream Home Than You Might Think

According to the United States Census, the average new build takes about 7 months to construct. So, once you find that perfect location, you’re on your way!
Mike McCurry Group currently has several vacant and buildable lots available and ready for your dream home. If the location is right, don’t wait to snag it!

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