Small Business Feature: Normandy Remodeling

Small Business Feature: Normandy Remodeling

  • Mike McCurry
  • 09/27/21
We’re featuring local small businesses this month on the blog, and I am excited to feature Normandy Remodeling. From kitchen and bathroom remodels to home additions and renovations, Normandy Remodeling is a trustworthy and reliable company that does quality work while also providing superior service.
Founded as Normandy Builders in 1979, the mission of the company was (and still is!) to create a better kind of remodeling experience in the Chicago area. This means taking the stress out of home improvement and instead of working with a fun and exciting team to realize the visions for your home. Normandy Remodeling focuses on the big picture for home improvement projects while maintaining a diligent focus on the critical details such as process, materials, design, construction, and budget.
Normandy Builders has grown to Normandy Remodeling, and now has a staff of over 80 designers, architects, project managers, and craftsmen. They serve Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, with projects completed in most of our surrounding area including Clarendon Hills and Hinsdale. For a full list of their projects, see here.
At the Mike McCurry Group, we believe that realizing a home’s full potential offers great satisfaction and happiness. That’s why we are proud to recommend companies like Normandy Remodeling so homeowners can make their space perfect for them. Home remodeling projects not only make a house a home but also prove valuable when it is time to make a meaningful move and list the home for sale.
If you’re in the market for a home remodel, check out Normandy Remodeling’s website at

Normandy Remodeling Services

  • Home Additions – From stunning master suites to cozy family rooms and entertainment areas, Normandy Remodeling is often recognized for its designing and building of seamless home additions.
  • Kitchen Remodeling – When it comes to kitchens, Normandy Remodeling emphasizes artistic vision and space planning knowledge. They couple this expertise with ensuring the correct materials and amenities are selected and professionally installed.
  • Bathroom Remodeling – Luxurious, spa-like experiences are typically the goal when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Normandy Remodeling takes this goal and transforms it into a beautiful reality with unique and innovative bathroom designs. From heated floors to luxury showers, tranquility is within reach.
  • Home Remodeling – This type of remodeling can encompass many facets, from updating interior spaces to enhancing the exterior of a home for additional curb appeal. Normandy Remodeling leverages what they call the “Normandy Advantage” to partner closely with homeowners and hear their specific needs. Then from initial design planning through construction and completion, they are experts every step of the way.

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