Spring Cleaning: Sustainable Organization

Spring Cleaning: Sustainable Organization

  • Mike McCurry
  • 03/16/22
We’ve made it to Spring, and with the season often comes the desire to clean out our homes and shake off the remnants of winter. As we work to streamline our spaces and welcome in the hope that Spring offers, it is a poignant reminder that “more stuff is not happier.” For many of us, unnecessary clutter contributes to feelings of being overwhelmed and generally stressed. Below are tips and tricks to aid in the organizational process, so we can trade any anxieties for simplicity and peace.

Need a Professional? Stay Local.

It may feel daunting to tackle the organization projects on your own, and if that’s the case you’ll be thrilled to hear about local professionals who can help! For example, in Westmont, you’ll find “The De-Clutter Box.” This company, founded in 1994, provides professional organizing services throughout Chicagoland. The expert team provides easy, simple, and non-judgmental organized coaching and hands-on help to address your space and needs. Whether you have an area of your home that is particularly cluttered, or you just need support across the entire house, The De-Clutter Box can help make your house feel like home again.
Another local company, Swift Organizing, offers similar services to organize your home. Supporting many areas of the Western suburbs of Chicago, including Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills, Oak Brook, and Elmhurst, among others, Swift Organizing uses certified models of organization to successfully and sustainably organize homes. They can assist with almost every area of the home, and also offer specialized services for those selling a home or moving into a new one. If you want your home to look sale ready, or need help unpacking once you’re in your new space, Swift Organizing is ready to help.

Pretend You’re Moving

Even if you’re staying put for a while, temporarily shifting your mentality while decluttering can make all the difference. If you mentally approach organizing as though you are moving, it gives you the clarity of mind to discern what really needs to come home with you. Do you have a collection of clothes that haven’t been touched in years? Maybe an old piece of gym equipment that is gathering dust in the basement? If they’re not serving you and your family now, they likely won’t be in your “new” house either. If you reach this conclusion, then you can confidently part with the items and open up more space in your home for things that do bring you joy.

Focus on Liberation

If you’ve lived in your home for a long time – or even if you are a new homeowner! – you’ll find that your material possessions have the ability to bring you a lot of satisfaction or a lot of stress. If you are feeling the latter, it’s likely because you just have too much stuff in the home and are beginning to feel a bit suffocated. If this is the case, remind yourself to focus on liberation. You want to feel free and unrestricted in your home, so physical items should not be robbing you of this freedom! As you begin the organizing and decluttering process, pay attention to how your possessions make you feel. Do you feel light and unburdened because your home is well organized? Or are you feeling overwhelmed and unhappy because there is just too much around you? Listening to how you feel can help guide you in what you need to do to organize effectively.
We are excited to welcome the season of Spring and hope you also take the opportunity to declutter your home and prepare for the season. Whether you work on your own, as a family, or with a local professional, we hope you finish your organizing jobs with a sense of satisfaction and peace. Here’s to a bright and cheerful 2022, unburdened by unnecessary things!

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