Support Your Chamber’s Support of Your Community

Support Your Chamber’s Support of Your Community

  • Mike McCurry
  • 09/16/20

Chambers of commerce have been around for hundreds of years. They were created as a way for businesses to network and join together to further their progress and advocate on behalf of the business community. Like everything else that has survived hundreds of years, chambers have had to evolve.

Oftentimes the work of a chamber goes unnoticed or taken for granted by residents…but that’s certainly not the case for us business owners. Local chambers like Hinsdale Chamber of CommerceClarendon Hills Chamber of Commerce, and Westmont Chamber of Commerce continue to evolve to support the changing landscape of business success in our suburban towns and villages.

From redesigning their websites to better serve businesses and the public, to increase their social media presence, to running paid digital ads, to hosting and sponsoring local events…your local chamber is doing the work to help support the businesses that fuel your local economy.

The Clarendon Hills Chamber of Commerce has done a particularly good job of evolving in 2020. A new, easy-to-navigate website gives businesses in the community a simple way to connect, leverage their membership benefits, and submit content for social media promotion. There is also an entire section of the website dedicated to information for the community. One of the biggest advancements the Clarendon Hills Chamber has made is its investment in creating social media accounts that truly connect the businesses with the community. This is especially beneficial for local merchants and small businesses who do not have the time or expertise to keep up with their own strategic social media promotion. The chamber’s robust approach to social content opens businesses’ doors to people who may not otherwise know about them. And, they recently hired their very first part-time employee: a marketing support person! Great strides are being made, a constant evolution, over at the Clarendon Hills Chamber of Commerce.

As residents and members of a community, we strongly urge you to check in with and follow your local chamber on social. They are working hard to bring you information, and activities, and connect you with local businesses that help your community thrive!


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