Trending: Smart Home Features

Trending: Smart Home Features

  • Mike McCurry
  • 07/11/22

Smart homes are the way of the future – and the present! – so it’s important to know what is available in the marketplace right now. Whether you are selling a home, buying a home, or just interested in the latest technology updates, we’re featuring what you need to know this month to have a tech-savvy home.

There are many different components to smart home features, so we’re highlighting the key trends we’re seeing right now:



One of the top trends currently is homes that are fully integrated in their smart technology. This means that smart home devices communicate with one another and control various elements of the house through their collaboration. For example, many homes now have integrated Google Homes or Amazon Alexas that work together in the home. They are capable of everything from turning off lights to delivering news and weather in the morning, to setting timers while cooking dinner. You can even program them with established daily routines that they will complete at the same time every day, depending on your needs.


Touchless Technology

In light of the pandemic and an increased focus on contact and cleanliness, many smart technology companies now offer touchless options. A great example we’re seeing is touchless doorbells that allow guests to announce their arrival without touching the bell. These devices are mobile app controlled so the homeowner can see live, streaming video of the guest at their door and also communicate with them through the doorbell. This level of technology not only offers enhanced cleanliness and minimal contact, but also provides a heightened level of security with the option to see who is at the door directly through an app.


Smart Thermostats

Now one of the most widely adopted smart home devices, these thermostats offer a multitude of advantages to homeowners. Often easy to install and completely customizable, homeowners can remotely control the temperature of their home through convenient apps. One incredible feature is the option to program your thermostat to recognize when your phone is away from the home for an extended period of time (vacation, work, etc.) and this triggers a pre-set heating/cooling option based on how you would like your home to be while you are away. Installation of this device also contributes to a decrease in heating and cooling bills, which is always a plus for homeowners.


There are so many other smart homes features out there today – smart refrigerators, integrated security systems, wi-fi extenders, the list goes on! – but we wanted to highlight a few of the many options that we are seeing great interest in. We encourage you to keep these (and other) smart home devices in mind when you are buying, selling, and/or renovating your home. Smart technology can go a long way in increasing the attractiveness and desirability of your home. Many people like to live in a space that they have control over in many aspects, including the details involved with heating, cooling, security, etc. We’d love to hear what smart home devices you like to have in your home, as well as any tech trends you are excited about!


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