The Job of an Agent

The Job of an Agent

  • Mike McCurry
  • 02/19/20
Part of Mike McCurry’s 30-year anniversary blog series – “Then & Now – What I’ve Learned from 30 Years in the Business”

I’ll let you in on a little secret that every in-tune agent knows: Most people select a realtor with some trepidation. As real estate agents, it’s our job to earntheir trust. Our clients are putting us in charge of something that is nearly invaluable to them, either personally or professionally.

Embracing Change

The industry is constantly changing. As agents, we are relentlessly learning by standing neck-deep in the thick of it all. Laws, regulations, negotiations, area development, mortgage rates, school district rankings, the pulse of the community…all of it. And more!

If you are resistant to change, it’s my belief that you are less successful in serving your clients. As I always say, “Either become the dinosaur…or embrace the change and move forward.” That’s exactly why, after 30 years, I’m still learning.

I’ve never been reluctant to leverage new technology perhaps because I was so young when I started as an agent, and in the 90s when modern technologies were really just beginning to be introduced.

In 1990, I had to call into the office to have my messages read to me by the person who answered the phone and wrote them down on a piece of paper. When voicemail came along, I was THRILLED! And don’t even get me started on my excitement when email and text messaging were added to the mix…

When I first started as an agent, if I had a home to show my client, I had to call them, they came to my office, got into my car, and I drove them over to look at the home. Now we have wonderful tools that allow us to provide potential buyers with lists of compatible homes. We can generate these lists for our clients and provide them with all the important details that matter to them—without even stepping foot in the home. Clients can even take virtual tours of homes and provide feedback to me with the click of a button.

Home buying looks a lot different these days. Technology really has done amazing things for our industry and for our clients. I’ve known agents who were paralyzed by the changes brought on my fax machines, computers, digital pictures, video, and the almighty internet.

The fact is: that advancements in technology transformed the real estate industry into a visual process…and the transformation continues every single day.

As agents, It’s our job to give consumers multiple ways to view and explore properties. We can’t be successful as agents without understanding technology and embracing change. While print advertising is still frequently a part of an agent’s marketing strategy, it’s important to our success in selling to also leverage modern and developing capabilities. Social media, drone footage, Google advertising, lead nurturing, content development…just to name a few. It all must work together to reach buyers and sellers where they are, in a way they understand. And that is the job of an agent.

Building Relationships…and Trust

People invest a lot in their homes. Maintenance, updates, time, finances, and then there’s the emotional attachment. It’s because of this high level of investment that people can have a biased opinion of the value of their property. An experienced agent will be able to take every factor into consideration, including the state of the current market, and provide a true valuation of a home. Getting the owners to trust our expertise in what the property is worth and how to go about selling is often a difficult task.

Building relationships with my clients is my favorite part of my job. And, it’s the most important. The first step in my process is always asking questions to understand their motivation. I’m very inquisitive! Since there is no template for success, understanding what drives them—the reason behind the transaction—allows me to creatively meet the objective.

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