2023 Year in Review

2023 Year in Review

  • Mike McCurry
  • 12/21/23

The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.

- C.S. Lewis


We are all the same in this sense and it is a reality of our humanity. I would like to take just a couple of those minutes to connect directly with you, my broader group of friends, past clients, and acquaintances by sharing my annual Christmas letter. I would very much value and appreciate hearing back from you with an email, text or quick call to let me know how you are doing.

2023 was a year of finding a needle in the haystack when it came to low home inventory, especially for our buyer clients. My group had many successes even in light of the inventory shortage. In one case, friends of mine referred their own son and daughter-in-law to us and requested three things: take good care of them - find them a good house - make it be within budget. It wasn’t an easy task due to the competitive price point, but we surveyed our past clients and found one who was willing to sell their house. It was the perfect fit. 


Another success came by honoring our seller client’s objective to go under contract and close on her home within one month - without any drama. We proceeded to do just that, and the end result was nothing short of amazing.

We recently sold a home that our client built more than more than 50 years ago. As I sat in his hospital room, I was reminded that I often enter into a sacred place with our clients, and that is what makes my job so meaningful. He explained in detail the level of care that went into building that home and shared his beautiful memories of family experiences that it provided.

Like many couples with teenagers, Amy and I spent a ton of our parenting time supporting their sporting events; lacrosse, volleyball, football, and basketball games…including cheering on the Flying Dutch in Holland, MI. In October, thirteen members of our family (including my Indiana clan) joined the Hope College fans at Micah’s Homecoming football game. We ended the weekend with an epic dune buggy ride on the shores of Lake Michigan. Amy and I also celebrated our 50th and 60th birthdays in 2023 and 24 years of marriage. Our favorite “date” is when we can sneak away to golf together and routinely share the morning over a cup of coffee - once the kids are off to school.

Amy served on two mission trips this past year through our church. The one in Tijuana was shared with our son Noah on a student ministry’s trip where they provided the labor and material to build two homes for local families. She also traveled to Romania to support and experience firsthand the work of one of Christ Church’s global mission partners providing for the deepest needs of at-risk and abused children. Desiring a more consistent role at Christ Church, Amy began a part-time job at the Oak Brook campus on the First Impressions and Hospitality team. She is now working with many of her best friends and gets to connect with many more throughout each week as there are so many opportunities for families to grow and serve.

Micah is in his second year at Hope college and continues to play on the defensive line for the football team. His big summer trip with his close friends included hiking and camping in the southwest. They earned their gas money by stopping at every Costco along the way inspecting product displays from one of the parent’s companies. These boys certainly are resourceful!  He and I shared the experience of a Zach Bryan concert - only Micah knew four years ago he’d be a pretty big deal. When not recreationally with his friends, he worked with many of them on a summer dream job as an intern with the Student Ministry department at Christ Church.

Abigail graduated from High School in May and started working immediately at the Daily Scoop in Clarendon Hills. This independence helped to launch her into the many experiences she is now having while attending District 86’s Transition Center. Abbey is really enjoying her time being an adult and is living her best life. She is playing on the Special Olympic basketball team, continues to take guitar lessons, loves her music and has a stellar memory for everything family and relationships. My absolute favorite memory of this past summer was with her at the Taylor Swift concert. We had the best Dad/Daughter date ever.

(Noah and Gibbs)

Noah spent his summer on church trips and preparing for the fall football season. He is now an upperclassman and began his Varsity football season in a very competitive position. He battled through and the fall season ended with him being a starting linebacker. He has been working very hard in the off season to get bigger and stronger and is now over 200 lbs! Noah is currently having a blast playing basketball in a church league which I have the honor to help coach. And to top it off, we have been impressed and thankful that his studies and grades reflect a student serious about his academic future.

(RaRa, Noni, and Papa with Elizabeth)

Elizabeth’s 8th grade graduation last spring closed our 13 years with Hinsdale School District 181. She began her Freshman year at Hinsdale Central: starting off strong with her studies, making a lot of new friends and she LOVED playing volleyball. Basketball season is well underway and her grandparents really enjoy going to her games. We look forward to the lacrosse season for both Elizabeth, and Noah. Sharing the high school experience seems to have fostered a slightly positive sibling shift for them for which we are very thankful. Elizabeth has also jumped right into Koinonia (high-school youth group) and we look forward to her Confirmation at the start of ‘24.

Kenya recovered all summer from a broken leg. It was a long 12 weeks in a splint, but one would never know now as she is back to chasing squirrels. She misses her walks with her best and first friend, Gibbs, who introduced to our family to the need for a canine companion. Amy’s parents originally “shared” Gibbs with us until we just had to have a “full-time” dog of our own. Gibbs lived a wonderful life of love and service to many and retired permanently this summer at the age of 13.


You have shared more than a couple minutes with me if you made it this far, and I appreciate that. Again, I would love to hear from you by any form of communication, or to spend some of our time together in 2024. Many blessings to you from Mike and the McCurry family.



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